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You will find our full range of accessories for your water filter kits or cartridges.

A quick way to connect a water filter to 15mm copper pipe. This tee has all pushfit fittings and incorporates a shut off valve and a non return valve. Available...
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Doulton Hip plastic housing. 3/8″ pushfit fittings with bracket.
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This 1/2 round wrench fits most types of 10″ filter housings.
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Replacement ‘O’ ring for all Ametek/Pentek 10″ slimline housings.
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This wrench is suitable for all Ametek/Pentek 10″ slimline housings. It will not fit the no10 housings (generally these have 3/4″ or larger ports)
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An easy way to test the hardness of your water. Provides hardness test in PPM. Instructions on box. For a simple check to see if your softener is working use ou...
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A simple test kit to check if your water softener is producing consistently soft water. Fill sample bottle to mark and add tablet. Colour change indicates eithe...
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