Reminder Service

To ensure the continued performance of your filter it is important that filter cartridges are changed at the time recommended by the manufacturer. Since most people are too busy to remember such details, we offer a reminder service. This relieves you of this task as we send you a reminder letter/order form at the appropriate time. You then simply phone or send the order form back to us and we then send a replacement with instructions for the simple changing procedure. Many satisfied customers see this as a key part of our customer service.

Please remember that change times are the minimum recommended for normal conditions. If you have a heavy demand or the supply is particularly dirty or contaminated, you may need to change cartridges more frequently. Very occasionally filters become fouled by the water main – for example if dirt is allowed to enter the pipework whilst repairs are being done in the road – and this may necessitate an extra change.

To order your replacement cartridge and receive your reminders click here