All products supplied by Aquamatic are guaranteed to be free from defects in quality and workmanship for a period of 12 months from date of purchase, provided they have been properly installed and operated in accordance with our instructions. Our warranty is made to the original retail purchaser only. There is no implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose as water condtions vary and information is given as a guide only.

In the unlikely event of a fault you should notify us immediately. You may have to return the product or part of it at your expense to us. Final determination as to whether the products or parts were defective when shipped is at the discretion of Aquamatic.

Aquamatic’s obligation pursuant to this warranty is to replace or repair, at our discretion, defective products or parts, after determining them to be defective. This warranty will be voided if the fault is detemined by Aquamatic to be due to improper installation, use or maintenance, or if the unit or components have been subjected to freezing temperatures or excessive heat. The life of cartridges is dependent upon input water quality and usage rate and are not covered by this warranty.